One recurring theme you’ll see, one which is also the foundation of this blog, is my love for my Roman Catholic faith. Words will never fully describe just how much my faith means to me and how it has helped me to survive. I am so excited to share with you stories of my conversion, falling away, reconversion, and battles with the devil. Game of Thrones ain’t got nothin’ on me!

If you are a Christian, you are aware of how much modern society is trying to takes us out of the picture. Christianity and the values it holds are being persecuted, especially if you are a conservative, pro-life, Catholic! Our beliefs and church traditions are being misinterpreted and sometimes intentionally, so that the world will see us as hateful bigots. Of course, that couldn’t be farther away from the truth. The Catholic Church and her teachings are so beautiful and are in such perfect union with God’s plan, that her people will find eternal life should they remain faithful.

I haven’t always been a Roman Catholic. As a Protestant, I worshipped as a Baptist, Episcopalian, and as your regular non-denominational Christian. Although I loved God and my church, I always felt that there was something deeply missing from the church services and their teachings. Deep down I knew that faith alone was not enough for salvation, and that works played a leading role. I could never put my finger on what I was missing until I found the Catholic Church. It was then that my spirit fully embraced God and began to see the world differently.

Thank you for reading and please keep an eye out for more on my adventures with faith!

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