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My oldest son, Joe, just had his first confession in preparation for his First Communion, which will be held this coming weekend. This was such a proud moment for my wife and I. There we were, looking at our boy receiving another sacrament and tearing up over the fact that he is growing up way…

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Dad, I hope you’re having a great birthday and enjoying another year of life. I hope you had a chance to take a nice ride on your bike and relax. I miss you and wish you many more years to come. Rich

Two Months After Surgery

Two Months After Surgery   Well it’s been over two months since I had weight loss surgery and I’m down 63 lbs. Not bad, eh? Here’s a current picture.     And in case you need a reminder, here’s what I looked like before the surgery, wearing the same shirt.   I’m so happy with…

What A Great Weekend!

Thank you to all who visited my blog over the weekend! I’m getting great feedback from visitors and I am very excited to write some more. Stay tuned!   Rich