Healing the Wounds


This is a huge driving force in the creation of my blog because unhealed wounds are why I’m a grumpy dad once in awhile. When a man carries his wounds without seeking healing, the pain becomes too much to handle and eventually he explodes. This “explosion”, if you will, can be a loss of temper in front of his family, an alcohol or drug binge, a turn to pornography, or even a food binge. Men are physical beings and usually tend to express themselves physically and seek physical comfort (hence the constant need to grope their wives). So if a hot-tempered man loses his cool he may throw stuff around and yell, or he may seek something physical to soothe himself (porn, masturbation). How many men can say that they get on their knees and pray or get their butts to confession when they feel an explosion coming? I can’t think of a better physical experience than confession and receiving the Eucharist. Christ is the ultimate healer.

In order to understand the wounds you carry as a man you need to first find out what caused them in the first place. Where did they come from? When did the pain start? What are your triggers? Don’t feel like you need to figure this out at once, because you won’t. It’s a difficult and long process and there is no easy fix. It takes determination and a lot of support from loved ones to plow through all that nastiness. Above all, you need to rely heavily on God’s mercy just as a child relies on his parents for safety. Without the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family, you won’t get anywhere with healing. You may dig up some sort of relief but it will be false and short-lived. Trust me, I’m the king of living in denial and my kingdom was immense!

I tell you, I’ve taken my hurt out in all sorts of stupid ways and I’m honestly surprised I haven’t been to jail (more on that later…maybe). It’s a terrible, loathsome feeling when you’ve become consumed by your wounds and demons. I’ve allowed myself to drift so far from God that I was convinced there was no going back because He didn’t want me back. How stupid is that?! But the devil is clever and he loves companions to keep him company in his misery.

I will be sharing my own story of healing and what it all entailed because I want to show you that any man, with God’s love and mercy, can heal his wounds and free himself of the chains that bind him. I will also be working on some sort of field manual or how-to guide that could accompany someone during their healing. This may be something I post on the blog or maybe even try to get it published. Either way, keep an eye out for more posts as I poor out my soul for your reading pleasure. Be gentle.

May God continue to bless you and yours and I ask for your continued prayers as well!

Thanks for reading!

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