Welcome to my blog!

I’m the Grumpy Dad, and I dedicate this blog to all my fellow grumpy dads. You may be wondering where the “Grumpy Dad” comes from. Well, I’m a man who carries wounds from the past. These wounds are mainly from childhood and by the grace of God, I have been able to heal most of them. However, these wounds tend to rear their ugly heads once in a while. I’m a stay at home dad and I have four very busy boys. As my fellow parents know, parenting, as wonderful as it is, can be a bit challenging. Sometimes stress at home can trigger these old wounds to resurface and, well… make me grumpy. If I don’t nip these wounds in the bud, they eventually sour my mood and bring me down to the pits. I have to be on guard at all times and be vigilant with my prayer life in order to avoid getting grumpy. So that’s why I’m the Grumpy Dad…sometimes.
God Bless you and yours and may Christ lead you on the path of the righteous.

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