Two Months After Surgery

Two Months After Surgery


Well it’s been over two months since I had weight loss surgery and I’m down 63 lbs. Not bad, eh? Here’s a current picture.

IMG_2104    IMG_2107.JPG

And in case you need a reminder, here’s what I looked like before the surgery, wearing the same shirt.

big Rich.jpg


I’m so happy with the results I’ve seen so far and I finally feel like I have control over my health. My whole attitude and outlook has changed drastically as well. I no longer look to food for comfort and joy. Instead I only see food as the fuel I need to get through the day. What’s sad about this is that my wife has lost her foodie husband! She can’t get excited about big family dinners with me anymore because I could care less about what’s being served. Now she has to watch her Tasty recipe videos by herself! The humanity. Oh well. At least we still have Netflix.

The hardest part of my new lifestyle is staying hydrated! Since I can only take in small amounts of food and liquid at a time, it’s hard for me to remember to sip on water all day. I’ve allowed myself on a few occasions to get dehydrated to the point of nearly fainting every time I stood up. No bueno, Ricardo! So I have to keep a large glass of water near me at all times or else I won’t remember to drink. If that’s the only struggle I have at this point, I’ll take it.

Next on my road to health is to get back into the gym. With the weight loss I’m starting to lose some muscle tone and get some lose skin, so I need to bulk up. But actually getting to the gym is a different story. Actually, there is no story; I’m just not getting to the gym. My wife made a really great point the other night that motivated me. She reminded me that before my surgery, I would always get overwhelmed and discouraged about going to the gym. I used to think that I was so overweight that it would take forever to get healthy again, which would cause me to just give up. That’s not the case anymore. In all reality, I don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight. The surgery and my new lifestyle has already helped me drop a ton of weight! Everything I do in the gym from here forward is just icing on the cake, or…hummus on the carrot stick. You get the picture. So, I have no excuse to get overwhelmed or discouraged in the gym because I’m already ahead of the game. All I need to do now is to see how swoll I can get! Swoll is a gym lingo for really buff, in case you were wondering.

Thanks for reading and please pray for me as I continue on my road to health. If you have an inspiring weight loss story, please share in the comments! God bless.





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  1. VSG Aimee says:

    Hey! Congrats on your weight loss and your journey! I’m 3 months out VSG. I know how tough it can be but obesity is tougher by far! Take care and keep up the good work.


    1. Rich says:

      You’re absolutely right! Thanks for the encouragement.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. VSG Aimee says:

    You’re so welcome. Hey you’re blog is what is encouraging. You’re like superman having gone thru the weight loss surgery and being a SAHD! Really awesome. Take care and God Bless.


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