Back To The Grind


I’m back! I apologize for the hiatus, but sometimes life grabs you by the heels and doesn’t let go! I’m just glad I was able to hang on.

Here are some posts you can expect to see in the next few weeks.

Weight loss update! I’ll post some more before and after photos and talk about my weight loss journey to date.

Am I nurturing enough to my kids? Dads aren’t normally known for their nurturing nature, at least in comparison with moms. I’ll admit I’m the first to say “suck it up” when a kid gets a boo-boo, but is that a bad thing? I’ll discuss my take on the whole nurturing thing.

I’m going back to school…again! I’m about to begin graduate school and I’m both excited and nervous. Can I pull off grad school on top of my already crazy, busy life?

Spiritual drought. I’ve been going through a dry spell with my spirituality and prayer life lately. Everyone goes through this at times and it’s important to get back up and fight for your salvation.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. Please click, like, and share!

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