I Used To Be THAT Big?!

Hello all! It’s been nearly 4 months since my gastric sleeve surgery and I’m happy to say I’ve lost 76 lbs.! I’m so happy with my progress and I feel great. Here is another before and after photo.

big RichIMG_2330

Whoa. I can’t believe how heavy I allowed myself to get. A lot of my people I know don’t recognize me at first when I see them in town. Look how skinny my legs are now! Lol. It’s time to get back to the gym and build some muscle!

With the weight loss my back and knee pain has decreased dramatically and it’s so much easier to get up and down stairs. I’ve gotten rid of all my 3XL hirts and wear 2XL now. The 2XL shirts are actually a little loose on me, so I think I’ll be back in XL shirts within the next couple of months. I wear size 42 pants right now, and before surgery I was wearing 48/50. Crazy, right?!

As far as diet and eating, I’ve been eating small meals about every two hours. I met with my dietician last week and she recommended eating 3 meals a day with 2-3 small snacks in between. This will help me stick to a schedule and prevent grazing (which is what I have been doing). I’ve noticed a drop in energy in the mid to late afternoons, and my doctor said it’s normal because my body is basically in starvation mode (I’m eating between 500-600 calories a day). I need to increase my protein and carbs (from fruits and veggies), especially when I hit the gym. My doctor also suggested daily naps in the afternoon. I didn’t fight him on that! Naps are my favorite.

So, overall I’m doing very well! I am so happy with my decision to get the gastric sleeve surgery and I’m looking forward to seeing my progress improve. Please leave questions and comments below! I read them!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ma says:

    Very proud of you, and am very happy for you!


  2. VSG Aimee says:

    Awesome job! I look at past photos of myself and really can’t believe it either. You look amazing and I am sure you feel it as well!


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