My Take on the Recent Violence

Hello all! I almost forgot I had a blog to run! Just kidding. But in my defense, graduate school and having 4 boys to hang out with sometimes takes precedence!

Anyway, I wanted to say just a little on the recent shootings we’ve all been seeing.  I am not going to talk about who is wrong or right, or who is racist or not because I think it takes away from the real issue here: the importance of God in our society.  The absence of God, and even a misunderstanding of God, is the common denominator in all the violence we see.  Think about it: since the dawn of the sexual revolution of the 60’s, our country has taken a nose dive.  People have become obsessed with themselves and with personal gratification.  We went from a country that worshiped the Lord to a country that worships stuff: money, sex, power…I can go on and on.  When we as a nation allowed our “leaders” to take God out of every equation, we began relying on our human abilities to find peace.  Let’s face it–our human abilities suck.  That’s why we need God as our foundation and for inspiration to run this country.

Now, I am not downplaying the recent shootings, nor am I denying that racism still exists. It does and I’ve witnessed it firsthand.  The loss of life is a terrible thing and we are far off from truly realizing the beauty of human dignity.  We are never going to accomplish much until we, as a nation, agree and understand that we are all children of God.  We will never find peace until we humble ourselves before God and admit we are powerless.  Coming together as a country will never happen until we do so while grasping the Hand of God first.  God knows our weaknesses and immaturity as humans, and only He knows how to heal us.  The suffering the world faces is a symptom of a world that no longer loves and fears the Lord.  Our hearts will continue to be restless until we find refuge in the heart of the Lord (St. Augustine’s words, not mine). The devil wants us to be divided because it is easier for him to do his dirty work when are distracted from God.  If we could only come together as Christians, and pray together as brothers and sisters, we could kick the devil to the curb and truly live the American dream.

While things are probably going to get worse before they get better, I do believe we still have a chance for redemption.  I am personally scared for our country and for the future my kids are going to live.  However, I do find comfort in remembering that my sole purpose in life is to serve God and lead my family to Him.  God has already won this battle, and we are here to see it through.  In the midst of all this turmoil, God promises peace and unending love.

So, in the words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other”.

‘You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am the LORD” Leviticus 19:18 (Not Bill and Ted)

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